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Over time, it’s easy to accumulate ‘stuff’ and watch your home begin to swell with furniture, knick-knacks and other odds and ends. Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the clutter around the house? If you’re looking to make space in your home, whether it be for staging purposes or simply to de-clutter and create a more minimalist look, putting non-essential items into a storage unit is good solution.

Calgary-based Downtown Self-Storage can provide space to store practically any item – from small closet-sized space to much larger spaces, Downtown Self-Storage has eight sizes of storage lockers, which means you’ll only pay for the space you need. View the storage size options page on DTSS’s website.

Don’t know what to store? Here are seven common items that you no longer need to keep in your home:

  1. Mattresses and bed frames – storing a mattress and bedframe is no easy feat. Often, people will store their old or extra mattresses in the basement or garage when converting a bedroom to a baby’s room, for old pianoexample. This takes up unnecessary space in the house. Storing these items in a storage unit not only frees up space in your home, but it will also help keep the mattress and frame in better condition.
  2. Patio furniture – with summer now over, the patio furniture has likely been stored or left out in the snow. Create space on your patio or in the garage during the winter months by renting a storage unit. Keeping patio furniture out in the elements will deteriorate the material over time and cause it to rust and/or wear more quickly.
  3. Piano – many people have pianos in their homes that are collecting dust. This very large item takes up so much space. If you have a piano that is not being used, moving it into a storage unit makes perfect sense.
  4. Extra furniture – have extra chairs from a dining room set that are taking up space? Or how about dismantled bed sets or lighting fixtures? Store them!
  5. Seasonal items – the artificial Christmas tree and decorations take up lots of space. So does the Halloween décor, winter clothes, shoes and sporting equipment such as skis. These are all items that could be stored, freeing up valuable space in your home.
  6. Files and document – some people hold onto important documents and files for archival purposes. Don’t have boxes laying around collecting dust. Store your important files and boxes in a storage unit. old files and paperwork
  7. Collectors’ items and artwork – people will often redecorate their homes and change the colour palette. Items and artwork that used to fit the décor no longer work. Keeping collectors’ items and artwork is important for many families, so selling is not an option. Storing these valuables helps keep them safe for future generations.

When researching storage solutions in the Calgary area, make sure to ask about things like:

  • Security – Downtown Self-Storage is proud of its unblemished record due to a thorough check-in system and non-24-hour access. Storage lockers are not accessible past regular business hours, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Built to last – Unlike newer storage companies, Downtown Self-Storage was built during a time when quality materials were used purposefully (Ex. Storage lockers have big, sturdy wooden doors to help keep items secure).
  • Reservations made easy – After completing an online form, a Downtown Self-Storage sales representative will be in contact within 24-hours to complete the reservation process.

Serving Calgarians since 1982, Downtown Self-Storage has been providing affordable storage solutions. Their number one goal is to help reduce customers’ stress and help de-clutter their lives. Considered a vintage storage lockersCalgary landmark, the facility is very special and has lots of history. But despite the ‘old’ exterior, the building is bright, has an oversized freight elevator and a hydraulic loading dock. Since day one, Downtown Self-Storage has made cleaning, pest control and sanitation a top priority.

Centrally located in downtown Calgary, Downtown Self-Storage wants to help de-clutter your life! Visit their website or call 403.262.1770.

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