Storage Needs

Job Transfer

If you are being transferred out of Calgary and do not want to take everything with you, store it in one of our lockers until you come back.


Eliminate Clutter

You can create a stress free existence by eliminating the extras you cannot part with but just don’t have space in your condo or apartment.  DTSS has a variety of sizes to fit your needs.



Put family heirlooms, collectibles and antiques in a secure locker and insure them with your home owners insurance or use our fire and theft insurance policy for protecting your keepsakes.


Marketing Rep

If your territory is downtown, Victoria Park and the Beltline, it would be especially advantageous if you can conveniently store your samples or inventory.



Storing your furniture and material items while in transition can help reduce the overall stress of moving until you are settled into your new job or find your ideal home.


Home Renovations

We all know renovations can be messy.  Keep your furniture and other precious items safe and dust free in DTSS.  It also allows the contractor to be more efficient if they do not have to continually move things.



Many realtors are now using home staging to give the home a more spacious feel while on the market.  Storage for the homeowners valuables during the selling process.


Hobbies and Collectibles

By adding shelving to your unit you can keep your collectibles and hobby items in an organized fashion while storing them in a secure and heated facility.



Moving out of your bigger home to a smaller place now that your children are gone but still want to keep your precious items that just do not fit in your new home and that perhaps you would like to pass on to grandchildren.


Combine Homes

Two families move into one home or a Mom has to move in with you but there is no room for all of her stuff.  Store the duplications



We have shelved units to help you conveniently access stored documents that you have to retain for tax purposes.


Sports Equipment

Golf Clubs, Skis and all seasonal sports equipment take up closet and living space.  Since you only need these things in season store them instead of tripping over them or filling the garage.



Thinking of travelling for 6 months or more, why pay for an apartment when you can securely store them for a fraction of the cost.


Patio Furniture

Restaurants or private homeowners are finding that by storing their bulky patio furniture in weatherproof conditions add years to its durability and helps protect their investment.



Lights, tinsel, lawn decorations.  Office or home, we all love Christmas and other seasonal displays.  Storing is a practical solution to allow for more living or prime business space.


Business Supplies

Store your surplus inventory, samples or tools that are taking up valuable office or retail sales area.  Keep them secure and increase efficiency, productivity and revenue potential.