More than a storage facility

As your experienced locally owned and operated self-storage option in downtown Calgary, we know that you need more than just a place to store your belongings. This is why we also offer:

Mailbox Rentals

Warehouse shipping & receiving

Mail Forwarding

Moving items for purchase or rent

In addition to these services, you will enjoy our covered loading dock and extra-wide freight elevator. We’ve truly thought of everything you need to make your life easier when things are in transition. It’s all about you and reducing the stress of a move or addressing the need for secure long-term storage solutions.

The solution for all your storage needs

When life changes, even for a good reason, things get stressful! To serve you better we sat down and thought of every possible scenario for needing short or long-term storage in Calgary, and we designed our services around those needs. Here’s how we can help when you are:

  • At Work

    Military jobs, oil and gas jobs, and others can have you travelling out of town for months, or even living in a new city temporarily before you determine the move is permanent. There is no need to move your belongings back and forth when you are between addresses. Store them with us until you are ready to move them to your new home.

  • Reducing clutter and storing valuables

    Clutter equals stress but not every item can or should be discarded. When you are low on space for items you value, we take care of them as if they were our own. Our robust fire and theft insurance policy give you even greater peace of mind.

  • Building your business

    Brand building means banners, boxes of flyers and business cards, and excess inventory. Not only are we the perfect solution for small business storage, you can also use our warehousing service or as a place to hold products that you pick up as you travel your sales territory.

  • Renovating

    It’s frustrating to live with your items in boxes or under dust sheets as your home is renovated. Keep your items out of the way of debris and your home free of bulky boxes by storing your furniture and décor with us.

  • Staging

    Moving? Your Realtor will ask you to remove personal items like family photos and may also wish to bring in a professional stager to help your home sell faster. Where can you put those family pictures, handed-down quilt, and big sectional couch? In our secure downtown Calgary storage facility.

  • Transitioning

    Upsizing, downsizing, combining homes, adding family members, watching family members take a gap year in Europe, extended travel – there are times when your address is a little fluid. Sidestep the stress of holding onto needed items when you are between addresses and place those things in storage instead.

  • Between Seasons

    You don’t have to stare longingly at your patio furniture and barbeque, or your pool toys and hammock all winter. Out of sight, out of mind in our storage facility. Better yet, they will last much longer in our dry, secure facility. We cater to restaurants too that need their patio furniture safely stowed for the winter. During the summer, reclaim your garage by storing your Christmas and Halloween holiday décor with us. Do you really need that six foot tall animatronic ghost scaring you every time you open the garage door? We think not. Let your lawn ornaments take a break. We’ll keep them in good condition until you need them.

  • Enjoying Sports or Playing Music

    It’s great to be active or to play the drums or keyboards in a band, but when you are not on tour or on the slopes, biking, wakeboarding, etc., you need a place that will keep your valuable equipment safe and sound. We have outstanding security and insurance to ensure your sports and music equipment is safe with us until you want to pop in and grab them.

  • Storing Important Documents

    Keep your closets for clothes and avoid having to dig through boxes in your crawl space or attic. We have shelved, temperature-controlled units to hold your documents. Tax returns, house deeds, CVs, business documents, and more are easy to find and organize thanks to our downtown storage facility.