Long-term storage in Calgary doesn’t have to be a hassle. As your locally owned and operated long-term storage facility, we provide the most convenient solutions in the city. Here’s how to benefit from long-term storage:

  • Moving: store your excess furniture, artwork, and other belongings so your home is clutter-free for open houses and viewing.
  • Transitional moving: In a short-term rental, moving in with someone, or moving back home? Our storage units will hold your extra items until you have a more permanent place.
  • Seasonal items: Snowboards, skies, camping and climbing gear, luggage – these take up a lot of space. They are also valuable. Self storage reduces your theft risk and keeps these bulky items out of your way. You can also come grab them whenever you need them.
  • Heirlooms, documents, and collectables: That valuable steamer trunk brought over by your ancestors. A rare collection of stamps. Your grandmother’s fine China. Sensitive documents like tax returns. These are items you want to keep protected, but just don’t have space for at home. Climate-controlled, monitored, self-storage keeps your valuables safe.
  • Excess inventory: Working from home in Calgary? Store your inventory with us. Child outgrown their clothes and toys but another child on the way? This will keep your home free of clutter and provide an organized space.
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