The Pros When Renting a Storage Locker

The Pros When Renting a Storage Locker

Canada is a prosperous nation steeped in family traditions that include the passing of heirlooms from one generation to another. However, over time our lives change and sometimes those precious often valuable items no longer have a place in our home. You value the history, want to pass them on but the kids aren’t ready – what’s a person to do?


When it comes to self-storage, this is one of the many reasons why a storage locker can be advantageous – either for the short term, or longer, like waiting for your children to finish college. With square footage at a premium, having a cost effective solution to create more space in your home is valuable to help free your mind and reduce the clutter.


The Canadian Self-Storage Association does not keep statistics on how many self-storage units are in Canada, but estimates suggest around 3,000 facilities. In the United States, self-storage has closer to 52,000 facilities and has become a $25 billion business due to a more transient workforce, apartment living and homeowners dealing with a foreclosure.


However, that’s in the United States. In Canada, the reasons to rent a self-storage locker are more personal – the need for extra space when renovating or moving to a new home, family changes that require a downsize in your home, acquiring property after the loss of a loved one or managing life circumstances where a short term rental solution is perfect.


Find Your Fit

Whether you’re a homeowner who is requiring additional space to put your sporting equipment, a tradesman with a variety of toolboxes to secure or a manufacturer’s rep in need of a place to keep your products, Downtown Self Storage makes it easy to store belongings safely in a conveniently located – indoor heated storage facility in Calgary.


We offer a variety of unit sizes with monthly rents ranging from $30-$300, perfect for: samples, products, promotional items and retail stock; business records, legal documents; sports equipment; indoor and outdoor furniture; heirlooms; art, antiques and collectables; books and household goods. Self-storage has many positives depending on your needs:


  • Friendly and clean environment under new management working to implement operational updates and increase positive customer service experiences;
  • Your valuable or precious belongings are free from exposure to weather, mold and mildew, pests, children, relatives, roommates, or from being misplaced;
  • Featuring affordable rental rates, reduced traffic flow and enhanced security with our limited tenant frequency and operating business during daylight hours;
  • Rest peaceful knowing your items are safe in a protected and secure environment;
  • Rent for an extended period, no sudden need to move your belongings out of someone’s house or having to find a new place to store your precious trinkets;
  • A self-storage unit is an easy and cost effective option for hanging on to your stuff;
  • You’re relocating overseas, going away short-term or travelling for an indefinite time period so you know your household items are waiting for you when you return;
  • Pre-payment is available or use a Visa or MasterCard to simply automate payments;
  • Some storage facilities like Downtown Self Storage even offer options for insurance coverage in case of any unfortunate events or circumstances.

However, be careful what and where you store your belongings, unless the unit is indoors, items that might expand and contract with extreme temperature changes can get damaged and or damage your other belongings. Also, make sure to only store the items that have value to you and consider donating or purging content that no longer applies.


Regardless of your reason, need, or concerns renting a storage unit is the best way to store your stuff for a short or extended period of time while you are away. Fortunately, Downtown Self Storage is conveniently located in the beltline area and offers affordable short and long term storage solutions for Calgary’s select home and business owners.


If you, your family, or business needs more space, contact Downtown Self Storage – Calgary’s Convenient Storage Centre – at (403) 262-1770 today to ask which unit will best answer your storage needs. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and holding an A+ Rating. All lockers are indoors and building is heated with video surveillance 24/7.